Lyocell belongs to the group of MMCF (Manmade Celulosic Fibers) and is thus a fiber industrially produced from natural raw materials. The global market share of the fiber market of MMCF is 6.4% (and of this about 80% is viscose). Lyocell is thus a niche product, although the fiber has been shown to be growing at a much higher rate for several years.

Lyocell originates from our forests and is the most environmentally friendly of the MMCF due to its sustainable forestry, low water consumption (50% less than cotton) and biodegradability. The fiber has natural luster and has a smooth, cool yet soft feel, which is why the fiber is also dubbed 'Eco-Silk'. Lyocell has high stretch and the ability to absorb moisture, making it breathable.

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