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We enter the world of Palgero with the guiding quote of Charles Darwin"Anything that is against nature will not endure in the long run". The founder and CEO of Palgero Peter Mattis is a skeptic with a thirst for action and an enormous sense of justice. Through his personality and years of experience as a textile engineer, he has managed to launch a product in less than two years to live up to Darwin's guiding quote.

It was on a business trip to Greece in 2017 that Peter Mattis first came into contact with brown algae. After recognizing its uniqueness, he set himself the goal of bringing an innovative, particularly sustainable product to market with it. It should make the special characteristics of the brown alga in the use of textiles experiencable. Not coming from this field, Peter Mattis was told that this project was unrealistic - too difficult, too expensive, too risky. And yet, partly through getting to know SEACELL, he had found a way and launched the outdoor brand Palgero. (Which has Palgero in its name.) Already in 2019, Palgero received the Gold Winner award for Outstanding Outdoor at Outdoor ISPO.

Three product groups with SEACELL

Palgero has rightfully made its mark in the trade, establishing itself as an outdoor apparel brand with T-shirts and long underwear. Palgero has three product groups: SEACELL Pure (97%*), SEACELL Bioactive (48%*) and SEACELL Merino (47%*). Especially the popular quality SEACELL Merino should be emphasized here. As a natural fiber with particularly good moisture regulation and odor management, Merino is often used in the sports sector. However, the problem with merino is often the scratchy feel, which is particularly annoying for sensitive skin or in active everyday life. Therefore, the team with and around Peter Mattis together with SMARTFIBER developed the merino blend with SEACELL. Due to the natural fiber staple length, however, the fibers cannot simply be spun together. Mattis: "We spin out both fibers individually (and as finely as possible) in order to twist them afterwards. This full twist is the most stable connection, which also shows in the longevity and dimensional stability of our products." Palgero's brand claim of "clothing biologically healthy" thus delivers on its promise, as Palgero makes merino wearable for all by blending it with SEACELL.

"Biologically healthy clothing", however, only works in conjunction with a healthy environment. Palgero made a conscious decision not to use Lyocell, but to use SEACELL Modal fiber - even though it is significantly more expensive due to cellulose from beech wood. Mattis explains that beech belongs to shallow-rooted plants and therefore grows only 1.5 meters deep. In addition, the growth of the trees is stimulated only by rainfall and no additional irrigation is required.

As one reads on the Palgero website, it was noted In Outdoor Magazine (2018), "The comfort king Palgero shines with top climate and convinces most during pleasure hiking and everyday life. It has only one drawback ... you never want to take it off." Finally, the quality and excellent comfort are the decisive criteria, which is why people choose Palgero over and over again. The durability together with the timeless design are fully in line with the slow fashion idea. In doing so, Palgero forgoes the classic collection cycle, bypassing the "sale season".


Cooperation with SMARTFIBER

In the cooperation with SMARTFIBER, it was not only the unique properties of SEACELL that convinced Palgero, but also the production site at Lenzing in Germany. Because to this day, 75% of the outdoor brand's manufacturing chain takes place in Germany and Austria. The manufacturing is carried out by a company in Slovakia, from where the products are then sent directly to the retailers. Peter Mattis hopes for more transparency and more commitment in the industry. Where Palgero is headed is clear to him, because the sports and outdoor sector has endless potential. Geographical expansion and range extension as well as product developments (also with SMARTFIBER) would be sensible steps in the future. However, as Mattis is soon to retire, he will only play a limited role in shaping this. What is important to him is that the brand continues to be managed sincerely and honestly, as well as being bold and moving - forward. And SMARTFIBER will accompany Palgero in this.

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