Value the power of nature

Sourced from the ocean and harvested in fjords using sustainable practices: SEACELL uses a closed-loop technology to spin cellulose fibers with organic brown seaweed to create yarns.

Your way to care

Native to forests and derived from wood pulp: SMARTCEL’s cellulose fibers are enriched with a vital zinc oxide formula and have unique properties.

Who are we?

Since 2005, SMARTFIBER has been advancing cellulose fibers with unique properties that are sustainable, innovative, inspired by the environment, and can be used in a wide range of textiles. Our many years of experience make us the ideal partner for developing bespoke textile products.

At SMARTFIBER, we connect innovation with natural raw materials.

We create high quality cellulose fibers and we enrich these fibers using precious, natural ingredients as a means of setting standards for the textile market.

Our most important goal is to preserve nature because our oceans and forests are what provides us with the resources we need in order to exist. We ensure this by working together with the environment, rather than against it: We use sustainable production practices to harvest these natural products, and then we process them using a closed-loop technology so that the fibers can go back into the ecosystem at the end of the product’s life without having a negative impact on the environment. Since our founding in 2005, we have been the partner for groundbreaking sustainable fibers, whose applications are limitless in the area of textile production. SMARTFIBER creates unique materials that consider both people and the environment.

Your products go the extra mile thanks to our closed-loop fiber technology, which is used in SEACELL and SMARTCEL.

What’s so special about our patented fibers? We have succeeded in blending natural additives with cellulose fibers in a functionally permanent manner using a globally patented process. The additives, derived from seaweed and pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, have particularly positive and eco-friendly effects on skin.

These scientifically developed functional fibers form the basis for innovative and eco-friendly textiles of all kinds as part of the globally protected brands SEACELL and SMARTCEL.


We offer SEACELL with two sustainably sourced pulp options: Lyocell and Modal. Both are then embedded with brown algae from the sea.

The revitalizing fiber sourced sustainably and embedded with organic seaweed.

  • Rich in antioxidants that protect against negative environmental effects.
  • It contains a wealth of vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients, and minerals that help to activate cell regeneration and have a detoxifying and purifying effect on your skin.
  • It is very good at regulating moisture and, as such, provides natural and antibacterial protection for your skin.
  • Giving every piece of clothing a soft feel for the ultimate level of comfort.


This innovative fiber is designed to promote our health using recycled, pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide. SMARTCEL enhances the quality of life.

  • It protects the body against harmful UVA and UVB rays (up to UPF 50 for fibers, final result depending on the fabric structure)
  • Its antibacterial properties protect against bacteria and mold that create odors (using pharmaceutical grade zinc oxide, free from zinc pyrithione, silver, and coatings).
  • Its soothing properties support the healing of wounds (this is particularly effective in people with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis).
  • It is an excellent moisture regulator which gives every textile a soft feel and the ultimate level of comfort.


The following brands use our products:

Another Tomorrow is a New York-based B-corp-certified luxury brand focused on changing the business-as-usual narrative by using fashion as a channel for positive action and responsible practices. Choosing to champion regenerative fibers and lower-impact fabrics, Another Tomorrow teamed up with our R&D partner PYRATEX to create a capsule collection of luxury essentials made with SEACELL designed to last a lifetime.

The Swiss underwear and lifestyle brand CALIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality daywear, nightwear and loungewear for women, men and children. Noticeably good quality, excellent wearing comfort, high-quality materials and a special longevity are part of CALIDA's recipe for success.

SPEIDEL has been making lingerie by women for women for over 70 years. They develop underwear for self-confident women who value sustainability, innovation, and the finest qualities. These demands are achieved, among other things, with the special material combination with SEACELL. In SPEIDEL, every woman should feel like the best version of herself, every day.

Feeling the Sense with Fair Trade Cashmere - to live up to this claim, we developed the unique material blend SEACELL Cashmere with the premium fashion brand FTC®️. With its soft feel and comfort-tempering properties, cashmere is a true feel-good product. With the incorporation of SEACELL, the fashion styles also have a caring effect on the skin.

Where underwear meets intimate care - HUHA develops mineral underwear with SMARTCEL. Out of the determination to make the simplest and most important but underdeveloped garment better.

Other Partners